Sunday, January 6, 2008


it is excess the feature that defines me better than anything else.
i listen to too much music.i also shake my shoulders too strong when the very loud music caresses my ears. most of the times i let out reality and dig into sounds.i often get lost in frequency. i stay awake too much.i forget to sleep.i drink too much English tea. i escape the urban landscape and drown into displays of my subsequent actions. i work too much on the stream i use to build of futile thoughts. i feel too much pity for obsolete objects. i am too savvy about my ego. i love too much.i put too much blush on my cheeks. i ask too much from myself.i worry too much. i was said i am too grateful.i'm a neat freak.i find myself brimmed with too much confidence.i talk faaaar too much.