Tuesday, January 13, 2009

there is a body

ilustration: "Equilibrum at the absolut distinction" by Michael Chevalier

i'm lapped by dainties and untramelled fragrances.
i've met willingness itself.
it lives within a human body.
i've met civility and wisdom and idiosyncrasy as well,afterwards ,and they've all decided to shack up with willingness. they now live altogether in this human body i've met.
they carry a name and they run undercover within a lavender perfumed body,which is forever there to bask mine.
i turn so warm,that i go liquid and i trickle into my own nose. and then i go up to my own brain.
one needs to change his thoughts system in order to properly grasp flawless ethics. one needs to get the primeval outlook back on his rack.

i used to think that aristotelian ways were out of date. but they're not. therefore,i savagely pour love upon all artefacts of morality. i pour love upon that human body,host of all good feelings.
and then the ribald becomes the desperate attempt to enjoy that body.
and then i tread into the impending vortex of all joys.