Tuesday, May 27, 2008

let it swim

one may choose swimming instead of walking. swimming while still wearing shoes like the unearthy number of the other people. you might think his/her body would simply adapt,and they might grow a mermaid tail,but,mind you..you would wrong Reality.
if one finds fluids much safer,as it takes much longer to crumble and reach ground,the walking people would tend to so very scold and tackle such an inappropriate naughty citizen. they would sift that blurry mind of his and purge it of such intollerable outlook. blank would feel much neater and there would be no risk of futile epiphanies,inasmuch as clear minds are the thriving ones.
and one would run and hide after having sipped some plum brandy upfront. and one would careen with pirouettes in cosy,blue water,floating on separate corridors of avenues,especially designed by&for swimming people,concealed from the eye of other lucid viewers. tarnish,silky,wet garments would emulate the blow of the wind.there would be neither opened pores nor skin irritations.