Wednesday, July 15, 2009

quick sweet shallow poem

It might be all about future memories
It might be just about forgetting complex theories
It just might
Not be right.
But there's no sky for such fine flight.
In those summer times it's all about reaching that shallow light,
And party!
And then sleep tight
I'm feeling as if i were a kyte
There’re just too many lips out there to byte


strelnikov said...

dude asta e - imho - cel mai misto lucru pe care l'ai scris. quite a gem.

pare ca vinu rosu + rezistenta antiburgheza dau roade frumoase:)

Ana said...

sarumanutzele! vinu' rosu a facut toata treaba de fapt:))

revelionlasorbona said...

Chouette! Sa flanam..

Ana said...

on y vaaaaa..!

codru said...

hah, felicitari tovarasa ana! incantator.

Ana said...

merci beaucoup,mon cher petit foret!