Monday, March 30, 2009

The girl and the ladybugs

No matter the scolding and injuries she got in the previous day from her parents,she would still put on her set of shabby clothes and sneak out of the house at around 4 o'clock in the morning on the patio in front of her home.
She would lay down,after taking her clothes off one by one,feeling the soaky grass with her bare fingers and toes.
..Such relentless joy she would feel within when the ladybugs were starting to mount on her arms and knees once more,all rhythmically marching... She could even hear the beat of her friends' tiny legs!
After she would feel her body utterly covered up in red and black trembling dots,she would start telling them the story which he had prepared for that morning.
They would then stop creeping onto her and every single ladybug would find its spot and freeze in sheer silence,charmed by her lullaby-flavoured voice. Her peachy lips would quiver in a merry smile while telling the story. She wouldn't mind the chilly air,nor the very cold dew on the grass firs.


After she would finish her story and would reveal the miraculous fairy tale end,the tiny insects would start scattering off her silky skin. She would then thank them and close her eyes. She would keep them closed while getting dressed.
She would patiently walk blindfold on the patio until she would get into the house. Once in her room,she would sit relieved in her bed for a minute. Then, she would take off her clothes with a sudden move and smile,watching the musical notes which the ladybugs had scribbled that morning onto the stave she had tattoed on her left arm.
She would then rush towards the piano she had in her room and would give life to the last musical notes that she had received. She would play the part of symphony she had gathered up to that moment, she would play it again and again until the following early morning when she would get some more notes in the exchange of whispering a new story for the ladybugs.


codru said...

ma surprinde cum fata asta se dezbraca de doua ori in aceeasi poveste

Ana said...

da,starneste controverse vad masculilor cititori d al meu blog:))