Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Bake a cherry pie,marvel yourself. Bake two cherry pies,marvel the others,too.
Wash the dishes.
It's raining in your sink,make your knives and forks dance like couples in the rain.
Make some tea.
Keep your nose above it until your tea goes cold and your nose sweats. Smile while drinking it as it comes.
Let your scarlet,silk curtains embrace you and then do the tango by yourself.
Lay down on your bed and carry a cherry upon your nose. One from those left over after baking the pie.
Paint your nails scarlet and put on your favourite ring.
Paint your lips scarlet,too.
Get your bike,go see the city by night.
Hold on tight,keep your tidy hands onto the handlebars
Let your ruby-stone ring marvel you,but watch the road
Shards are sparkling,but shards are everywhere.

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